Streamanity introduces a simple and effective monetiziation policy-making revenue through a video platform wholly built on teh BSV blockchian. It allows users to profit from sharing videos, helps content creators earn, and rewards new users with 1 USD.

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Streamanity: Ad-Free Streaming Platform

Video creators have had quite some troubles with finding a platform that doesn’t feel like a rollercoaster every time. Generally, people get fed up with being constantly bombarded with ads in videos, banners, pop-ups.

YouTube has been home for content creators for quite some time. Nowadays it became a big ad-driven video platform that neglects its creators. This is where Streamanity comes along with its simple and effective monetization policy-making revenue off the viewers.

The platform is built on the BSV Blockchain because BSV provides micropayments with quick and easy low fee transactions, of course. BSV Blockchain is the better Bitcoin protocol- stable and secure. It is said to be perfect for content and entertainment purposes.

This new business technology can benefit and motivate people to create freely and let their fans contribute to their work.

The platform is based on minimum fees like 3 USD per video or 25 cents per 20 seconds. For example, if you watch a 2 USD video 1000 times, the platform gets the 20% cut and you earn about 1600 USD. This is a fantastic opportunity for creators to get steady income. Just the possibility of YouTube’s audience going over to Streamanity can build the future of the platform and cement it on the mainstream side of the Internet.

The BSV video platform is great for people with a large following on social media because they can become millionaires by monetizing their fanbase on Streamanity. Another solution for people with good following is sharing the videos. When someone shares a link, they get 10% from the profits of the video.

Nice Features

Another nice feature is that the platform gifts new users with 1 USD so that can be enough for watching a bunch of content. The boosted page feature enables videos to be bought and made free for newbies to catch onto when they visit the platform.

One little detail that can be quite tricky for non-Crypto and Blockchain audience is that the content on Streamanity is based on the mentioned audience and there is very little produced that captures music, art, vlogs and others.

Summed up features on Streamanity:

  • Profiting from sharing videos
  • Helping out content creators by paying for their content
  • Streamanity gifts new users with 1 USD
  • The boosted page which allows audiences to pay for full videos

In the long run, Streamanity is the video platform that most creators have been waiting for and it can become the long-awaited substitute for YouTube.