Twetch is a social media platform that enables content creators to earn BSV for their contribution. Launched in May 2019, it revolutionizes social media interactions by promoting its micropayments business model without third-party actors taking shares off the payments.

Twetch Logo

Twetch was launched in late May 2019, and had a huge success at the time of launching. The Twetch community is constantly growing and expanding, embracing all the cool features and functionalities of the service.

This is a social media but not just any social media. You can still post, comment, follow your favourite people and content, whilst managing your newsfeed with publications of your interest. The revolutionary part of Twetch is that any efforts of content creation is directly linked to earning or spending BSV for the contribution.

How to Use It?

Would you consider making money off likes and comments?

Twetch has the micropayments business model with no third-party individuals to take chunks out of the payments. All your posts, likes and comments stay forever and cannot be accessed by anyone.

Signatures on Bitcoin network keep all data secured privately and publicly. Publicly any web services can reuse the data and build on it.

Twetch looks a bit like Twitter. Twitter with a little twist. If you have a mention, you earn 0.1 c or up to 8c for a like, depending on the post.

For publishing posts, users pay a transaction fee of 2c. Again, fees can range from 1 dollar to 40 dollars. A post with an image increases the fee and each payment is done though a money button. This practice makes sure that there are no bots scaling the network, as payments will double.

Fees for content creators range from 10 cents for liking a post with the 9 cents going to the creator.

Replies usually pay around 1 cent. If a post has 1 like, this pays for 4 of your posts. The goal here is to be a conversation starter and have a thread with thousands of likes and comments.

Following someone costs around 10 cents but each follower gets around 8 cents. Users can also tag others in posts as of a recent update of the service.

The platform works great because users pay only for the consumed content and not a mothly subscription.

Each user’s profile has a total earnings option and notification tab that informs about current activity on the website, as well as reviewing transactions of each post on the Blockchain.

There are some additions to the platform such as Dark Mode for 1 dollar, Tweet from Twetch for 1 dollar, which allows you to share the love for Twetch on social media.


Twetch is the future. The future that happens because of the BSV massive scalability. An economic model is run through the users of social media with the financial motivation to create valuable content for the world to share.