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Anypay Logo


Anypay is a PoS payment system launched in 2017 with the goal to develop easy and intuitive software to revolutionize commerce. This cutting-edge payment system supports a variety of cryptocurrencies on its user-only version.

Atomic Wallet Logo

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a secured, decentralized, and anonymous universal cryptocurrency wallet designed for PC and mobile use. It simplifies crypto assets management and enables reliable and transparent transactions.

CashPay Solutions Logo

CashPay Solutions

CashPay Solutions is fine-tuning the best properties of the Bitcoin payment processing solutions and the on-chain data storage. It is a great little payment app which serves the BSV Blockchain right with introducing people to the Blockchain’s fantastic benefits.

Centbee Logo


Centbee provides a secure experience to BSV supporters and educates people who lean into using BSV as a primary cryptocurrency.

CoinGate Logo


Since 2014, CoinGate has been providing payment services that establish strong payment infrastructure accessible to merchants and customers. It holds brand values that satisfy both sides of businesses with professional outlook and outstanding services.

Coinify Logo


Coinify gives merchants the chance to issue fast digital asset transactions with low fees between digital and fiat coins. Founded in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Coinify allows users to trade digital assets, pay, and add crypto payments.

DotWallet Logo


DotWallet is a lightweight, non-custodial blockchain wallet designed and built on the Bitcoin SV protocol, with the aim to provide faster transactions, better security, full control and transparency.

GoURL Logo

GoURL is a full-on free open source platform that provides services to the global market, connecting buyers and sellers to create business solutions via cryptocurrencies. It offers complete anonymity, zero chargebacks, and zero transaction fees.

ShowPay Logo


ShowPay is a merchant-aimed payment service developed entirely for BSV and BSV-based tokens. It provides software and hardware platforms for POS payments. It offers lower transaction fees, fast settlement time, and cross-border payments.

Zeux Logo


Zeux is an FCA-regulated platform based on Ethereum that executes financial transactions in a manner that transforms and simplifies the process for users. It is registered in the United Kingdom and will launch in the European Union in 2019.