Anypay is a PoS payment system launched in 2017 with the goal to develop easy and intuitive software to revolutionize commerce. This cutting-edge payment system supports a variety of cryptocurrencies on its user-only version.

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Anypay: Cutting-Edge PoS Payment System

Imagine the future where you go to the grocery store and just a quick scan of QR code can pay for your milk and bread. The future can be quite near with Anypay PoS payment system.

Anypay is a PoS payment system launched in 2017 with its point-of-sale app for retails. The company aim to develop easy and beautiful software to revolutionize commerce easily. Cryptocurrencies are made to be mobile and fast, so Anypay continues to change businesses’ mind about using traditional payment processors. Anypay is called a “glorified QR code generator.”.

There are multiple benefits that Anypay provides for its users.

Cryptocurrencies to Choose From

This new edge payment system uses a massive variety of cryptocurrencies. The user can choose from Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Core, Zcash, etc. on the user-only version of it. The Anypay system for merchants supports over seven cryptocurrencies. The platform has announced that payments will be accepted in Bitcoin SV at their WordPress store. Users can pay in WooCommerce stores after the implementation of a few plugins from Anypay.

Instant Settlement

The payment system doesn’t hold funds. Everything happens quite quickly and every transaction is directed into the recipient’s wallet.

No Fees

Anypay doesn’t obtain fees from merchants with BTC. Network transmissions of other cryptocurrencies may require small fees. Customers pay the network fees for sending.

Private & Fast Signups

The process of registering is really easy. No Tax ID or anything invading privacy. Enter a simple email address and password, then type in a wallet address.

Acquiring invoices is done by using a QR code and a Cointext text message for security. It’s simple and trustworthy.

Installing the Anypay App

You don’t have to visit any app stores or use pairing codes. The install takes seconds and no personal information is taken from you.