CashPay Solutions

CashPay Solutions is fine-tuning the best properties of the Bitcoin payment processing solutions and the on-chain data storage. It is a great little payment app which serves the BSV Blockchain right with introducing people to the Blockchain’s fantastic benefits.

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CashPay Solutions: The BSV Payment Solution of the Future

Have you ever tried a payment platform on the BSV Blockchain? If not, check out CashPay Solutions. This payment gateway is considered by many Bitcoin SV users as one of the ideal ways to try out BSV and to hopefully fall in love with it.

Built on the BSV Blockchain

You might wonder why CashPay is built on BSV Blockchain or you might wonder what makes BSV Blockchain stand out from all others. Here is the simple explanation.

All data is encrypted and stored on the Blockchain easy and cheap. It’s highly accessible, irreversible, secure, disaster-proof, and with no need of a third-party entity.

The Bitcoin SV Blockchain is the cheapest and most scalable Blockchain. All transactions are put on one transparent ledger, since having one source is the most reliable solution for storing data. Anything built on top of data on the Blockchain is stable enough to uphold the data and keep it stone set.

Now that you understand why BSV Blockchain is THE Blockchain for payment solutions, it’s time to go over all features of CashPay and explain further on.

Features of CashPay Solutions

We talk about how amazing CashPay is but going into its full features and use cases is mandatory for such statements to be valid. Here are the main features of CashPay showcased and elaborated on.

Blockchain Storage

Storing on the Blockchain is the best method to ensure that data is in an arm’s length reach, corruption-free, and cryptographically secured. This is perfect for businesses and customers that want full ownership of their data. Data that is kept behind strict regulations and access granting policies with no alteration.


Auditing the BSV Blockchain is great for ensuring transparency of transactions and the business between customers and businesses. There is no need for lengthy documents for signing up and no need for double-checking files or additional paperwork.

CashPay Wallet

The CashPay wallet is close to the SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) mentioned on the Bitcoin whitepaper. This wallet is open-source, and every user can download it from the Google Playstore.

These main features introduce the payment solution as a universal tool for beginners and people introduced to wallets and Blockchain. Full ownership, transactions’ transparency, and a simplified open-source wallet are the must-have tools for a payment system to achieve its full potential. There are good additional features that add up even more value to CashPay.

Additional Features

Helping out charities and making purchases via CashPay has never been so easy. With the wallet SPV, the payment solution works perfectly fine without any intermediaries. Find out more about CashPay’s additional features below.


Because the CashPay wallet is SPV, it doesn’t rely on any backend servers. The wallet connects to the BSV network without third-parties.

Spend and Replace

This feature is extremely useful for keeping track of the price fluctuation of cryptos. It is still under construction and it will go live very soon.

How to use this feature:

  1. Enable Spend and Replace. Enable the function and connect your exchange account.
  2. Automatic replace. The BSV cryptocurrency that’s spent gets replaced immediately.

Order Anything

Buying is so easy with BSV! Any user can buy whatever they please with the Bitcoin SV, thanks to the Order Anything service. This feature is under construction as well.

How to use this feature:

  1. Pick your products. Paste the link to your desired product in your CashPay wallet.
  2. Complete the steps. Type in the shipping address and date for delivery.
  3. Fulfill the payment request. You’ll get a payment request through e-mail with no fees.

Intuitive transaction overview

CashPay has a unique way of showing transactions to make sure that all of them are sent or received. Users can view their activities according to the following categories:

  • Unconfirmed transactions. Unconfirmed transactions show up with an orange logo.
  • Sent transactions. Sent and confirmed transactions show up with a red logo.
  • Received transactions. Received and confirmed transactions show up with a green logo.


Charities are a big part of our society. They help out communities by making their lives better. Donating to your favorite cause will be easy with CashPay as soon as this feature is enabled by the brand.


Micropayments and Blockchain make monetization possible with no third-parties interfering and valuable content gets transacted into assets easily.

CashPay Solutions is a great little payment app which serves the BSV Blockchain right with introducing people to the Blockchain’s fantastic benefits. There are a lot of payment solutions on BSV Blockchain that work perfectly fine with their own purpose and use cases. What makes CashPay different from all the others is that its services take out all positives from Blockchain technology and make payments a bit easier.