Centbee provides a secure experience to BSV supporters and educates people who lean into using BSV as a primary cryptocurrency.

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Centbee:  Crypto Processing and Wallet You Can Rely on

Centbee is a leading BSV wallet that hit the market recently with an easy interface and efficient options.

The wallet is founded by Lorien Gamaroff and Angus Brown, and its aim is to solely transform the BTC asset into a payment solution for everyday use.

Centbee is based in Johannesburg, one of the biggest cities in Africa, so the word can be spread throughout the continent and the world.

Some of the best features of the wallet are such that money can be sent through the user’s contacts anytime possible. This prevents the long and complicated Bitcoin address to be used for such procedures.


Another good feature is the massive security that surrounds money-related actions on the Centbee wallet. This wallet cannot be hacked, simply because Centbee doesn’t hold the funds but the mobile device does. A good piece of advice out of security measures is that the user must always backup the PIN and passphrase.

What about BSV transactions?

Centbee can also send Bitcoin SV in such a short time to any place in the world. A good option for topping-up the wallet with BSV is that you can do this effortlessly at the nearest retail store. A con is that this option is available in South Africa to this day but there are plans for expansion. So, keep an eye on it.

The wallet supports only Bitcoin SV, as they believe that it unleashes the power of the original Bitcoin with all of its economic and tech fundamentals. With such wallets, BSV is on the road to becoming a global currency.

On the account of customer support, Centbee has a very good and dedicated one. If any user has an issue with the wallet or some questions, the user can contact Centbee via Twitter, Email, Telegram, and with a simple call, as well. Feedback is also appreciated, since Centbee seeks improvement at all times.

A nice feature, that is mostly cosmetic, is the dark and light mode that users can choose from. Whether you feel like it, you can change it anytime.


In short, Centbee provides trusted experience to BSV supporters and educates people who lean into using BSV as a primary cryptocurrency.

The CentBee team is known for generally speaking at worldwide Blockchain and crypto events, so if you want to know more about what they do, and how the project came to life, visit their website here: https://www.centbee.com/