Coinify gives merchants the chance to issue fast digital asset transactions with low fees between digital and fiat coins. Founded in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Coinify allows users to trade digital assets, pay, and add crypto payments.

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Coinify: Trusted Gateway for Virtual Currency Services

Crypto companies started focusing on improving the users’ payment experience with the ICO models’ popularity increasing.

Coinify is one of those companies. The company is founded in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark by its co-founder and CEO Mark Højgaard, CPO and co-founder Lasse Birk Olesen.

It gives merchants the chance to issue fast digital asset transactions with low fees between over 14 digital and fiat coins. Users can buy and sell them by wallets or debit cards. This platform offers security and better rate for the users.

Coinify is quite a unique payment solution that stands out from most companies who try to reach a level of pristine offerings and outstanding technology.

The payment platform aims to fine-tune merchant experience and that good experience can be achieved with just a simple modern fintech protocol standard.


Users can trade digital assets, pay and add Crypto payments to their offerings. Traders and business owners can benefit from altcoin purchases as payment options. The Coinify API can be used as a white-label payment solution for bigger businesses and corporations. Other payrolls that become cheap and fast on Coinify are government ones, for example.

The platform aims to defeat the biggest flaws of the payment platforms like fees and speed.


Coinify has two sides- for traders and merchants.

Coinify for traders allows purchasing digital assets with fiat payments and sending those assets directly to the user’s wallet.

If a newbie without a wallet signs up, Coinify happily helps the user setup his wallet. The minimal expense of quick “cash out” of coins is greatly appreciated by many users. For big transactions, there are no limits between the different currencies.

Coinify for merchants allows their customers to pay with coins and altcoins. There is no risk and minimal fees, much less than the ones on payment processors like PayPal.

The company understands the value of online shops and responds to their problems and other similar services.

The payment platform has an app for vendors that’s accepting BTC payments. Such point-of-sale solutions are well met within retailers and vendors with no processing cap and chargebacks.

Coinify has an “Innovation Lab” for research and development with a recent partnership with Nets, a payments company in Europe.