ShowPay is a merchant-aimed payment service developed entirely for BSV and BSV-based tokens. It provides software and hardware platforms for POS payments. It offers lower transaction fees, fast settlement time, and cross-border payments.

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ShowPay: Making BSV the Global Daily Cash

BSV payment solutions are always a good choice and with new ones coming up, there is a pretty decent choice. ShowPay is one of the pretty nice and innovative options to choose from when looking into buying with BSV.

ShowPay is a payment service that is developed entirely for BSV and BSV-based tokens. The system provides software and hardware platforms for processing payments at the point of sale. The service is primarily aimed at merchants.

The Android software allows transactions to be easily taken in BSV tokens and BSV with funds kept in a wallet or such to be exchanged for cash.

The founder of the application, Sunny Fung has a goal and that is to make BSV global cash. This is expected to be the new trend over the next 10 years, as people start turning to BSV more and more for its fantastic qualities like flexibility, top notch technology and great convenience, as opposed to other cryptocurrencies.

ShowPay is said to be a competitive merchant solution. As more and more merchants respond to cryptocurrency demand, on-boarding of crypto payments in different stores becomes inevitable. The app surely brings new meaning to selling BTC in general.

What Does ShowPay Offer?

A BSV payment service like ShowPay offers:

  • Lower transaction fees
  • Fast settlement time
  • Cross-border payments

Supported cryptocurrencies:

  • BSV
  • BTC
  • BCH
  • Libra
  • ETC
  • USDT

ShowPay Highlights

ShowPay is fantastic as a whole but there are some qualities and options that stand out from the rest. They are listed as:

  • Extremely low fees
  • Real-time transaction with 0-conf technology
  • Exchange to fiat for merchants supported
  • Multi-cryptocurrency supported
  • Free out-of-the-box dedicated POS/Wallet
  • Powered by BSV, with transactions for up-to 7 billion people

Show and Pay

This is a new-edge way to approach your crypto finances by just using some of the latest recognition features that the newest technology provides.

Features include:

  • Show QR code and pay
  • Show NFC and pay
  • Show your face and pay


ShowPay is definitely filling the technical gap between the Blockchain technology, merchants and consumers. The payment app is hoping to start supporting smaller merchants to do their business via BSV services as payment providers.