Enter the World of iGaming BSV

A new dawn in iGaming has come with the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin SV at the helm, the future of the iGaming industry is even brighter.

BSV is the Satoshi Vision of Bitcoin – the solution for business.

iGamingBSV.com shows why BSV crypto and blockchain is a great asset for the iGaming industry. We list and review the growing BSV projects within the blockchain ecosystem, from casino operators and payment providers to social media.

Bitcoin SV (BSV)Bitcoin SV (BSV)

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Sysmbol Market Cap
BSV $913,255,694.00
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Circulating Supply Total Supply
19,718,997 21,000,000
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Why BSV for iGaming?

The biggest challenge to every gaming business is the question of trust and blockchain. Today, BSV stands as the reliable solution to overcome these challenges. BSV offers secure bets and transactions, provably fairness for the games, secure personal and financial data, and improved process of deposits and payouts, among others.

More online casinos, including Bitcoin casino gaming hubs, now accept BSV as a payment method. These sites are found to be user-friendly by frequent cruptocurrency users who want convenience when making transactions and, at the same time, fair gaming and entertainment when placing bets on casino games. These kinds of places are part of the revolution to make online gambling more inclusive and farther-reaching.

WIth decentralized deposits and withdrawals enabled, more trust is gained by web-based gaming brands from online casino players. Given this, it seems that the only thing that gets in the way of crypto betting is regulation imposed by certain territories, although some of which are now legislating on being more welcoming to the idea of legal online gaming more so with Bitcoin.

Some betting sites also now choose to set up their games on the BSV blockchain. Video games and gaming platforms designed through the BSV chain are available to operators, developers, and players. What these games allow are fair processes, from depositing of funds to verifying the fairness of the outcomes of each gaming round (through provably fair features) and from paying for in-game purchases to cashing out of player balances. Truly, iGaming with BSV is here to take over, and it is here to stay long.

Bitcoin SV revolutionizes the iGaming industry. It brings iGaming closer to an even more colorful future with the birth of BSV gaming. Making this possible are the innovative core features that adhere to Bitcoin’s original Satoshi Vision of which BSV embodies.

Unlimited Scaling Limits

Superior scalability supports the dominance of BSV iGaming in blockchain and cryptocurrency gaming. To date, a single block with a 2GB cap handles up to 4,000 transactions per second. With the goal of promoting unlimited block sizes, the gaming BSV network will easily handle millions of transactions per second coming from various casinos, betting sites, and gaming platforms. No matter how big or small every transaction is, the BSV network will seamlessly process them all and ensure both operators and bettors hassle-free transfers of funds.


Bitcoin SV works with the law, and therefore is easier to gain the trust and confidence of regulators and governments. Gone are the days that Cryptocurrencies are seen to be the medium for illegal activities and transactions. By highlighting the original Satoshi Vision, Bitcoin will no longer be associated with crimes, thefts, and ill-doings. Earning the nod of the authorities allows the iGaming BSV sector to expand its reach across borders, tapping every potential market available in gambling-friendly jurisdictions.


Building a superior level of integrity is crucial to the success of any gaming brand. BSV gaming achieves and provides this through the chain’s immutable data storage system. The Bitcoin SV blockchain allows gaming operators and players to harness its powers to promote cheating-free online gaming. Casino and betting operators on the BSV chain can assure players of guaranteed fairness that is verifiable in real-time. This results in stronger relationships between players and operators, and a much deeper connection with Bitcoin SV in iGaming.

High Demand

More players demanding operators to welcome BSV to their platform is a clear sign that gaming with BSV is heading toward the right direction. This opens opportunities for operators and developers to usher in new clients, customers, and players already immersed in the growing BSV community. The popularity of BSV gaming is real. This is evident in the increasing number of online casinos, sportsbooks, and betting sites, which are not built on the BSV blockchain, that add BSV to their banking options. Although the iGaming scene is populated with numerous cryptocurrencies, the gaming community has begun to warm up with BSV and including it as a primary means for deposits and withdrawals.

Future of iGaming with Bitcoin SV

With Bitcoin SV geared toward becoming an infinitely scalable chain, the future of BSV is endless. And so, too, will its value in iGaming be.

In the next years, more online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and other betting sites will add BSV as another cryptocurrency they support on their platform. More players will have the choice to select Bitcoin SV as the cryptocurrency to use to deposit and cash out. More players will experience fast transactions. More players will join the BSV iGaming world.

But the evolution of iGaming will not stop in online gaming operators accepting the BSV currency. Instead, it will see the growth in numbers of online betting sites built on the BSV blockchain. These casinos, sports betting platforms, and other sites will showcase the true power of the BSV network, emphasizing provable fairness, transparency, and quick transactions as its core features.

The future is bright, indeed, with BSV in iGaming.

Advantages of BSV


Transaction Speed

It supports 833 transactions per second (TPS). By the end of 2019, the network will scale to support up to 14,000 TPS.


It is the only open blockchain to go through a comprehensive code audit and penetration testing process.


It has made a commitment to not change the core consensus rules, ensuring any game that works today will continue to work in the future.

Safe Instant Payments

It supports instant payments via an enhanced 0-confirmation solution, allowing operators to support instantaneous payments.


It has low transaction fees, scalability, proof-of-work, and provably fair gaming for an enjoyable iGaming experience.

Robust Platform

It has operated for over 10 years, securing billions of dollars’ worth of value, resulting in a more resilient, robust, and reliable platform.