Zeux is an FCA-regulated platform based on Ethereum that executes financial transactions in a manner that transforms and simplifies the process for users. It is registered in the United Kingdom and will launch in the European Union in 2019.

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Zeux: Crypto Mobile Payment and Investment App

Zeux is an Ethereum-based platform for transforming and changing completely financial services. The platform is executing financial processes and simplifying accessibility for every user.

The Zeux platform is an FCA-regulated entity that is due to launch to officially launch its services in the European Union and globally in 2019. Currently the platform is registered in the United Kingdom.

The financial platform combines Blockchain, AI, biometrics and fiat and Crypto currencies together to form a solution for secure payments, transfers, verified access to bank accounts and products. Some of the services include: decentralized money transfer, secure personal data storage and a KYC for a fast and easy account creation.

On the platform customers can manage an array of financial portfolios with transactions going through the Zeux wallet which has the best security protocols for a hassle-free experience. Everything on the platform can be done with a few simple taps.

This investment platform provides a decent amount of Crypto opportunities with rewarding those who have invested themselves into the Crypto world by giving a fee discount.

Zeux introduces digital money for the opening of accounts and deal-inclined processes. Speed, security and convenience all wrapped up in excellent tech equipment for a new reliable financial system.

Zeux Ltd. created their very own app with the ZeuxCoin (ZUC) utility token for an easy integration of all Zeux functions in the phone. The token can be used to reduce fees. Customers can transfer funds fast and easy, pay their bills and invest. Mobile payments are made with fiat and Crypto via NFC.

The ZUC Coin

The token is used for paying transaction fees, loyalty rewards, and more.

The good thing about the token is that anyone can use a different currency and convert it in ZUC. The more tokens a customer has, the better discounts they get. Placing investment projects can also come very cheap thanks to the token.